I’ll be the one taking the photos.

Well, it’ll be me and also your Aunt Mary, Grandpa Joe and all your cousin’s kids with their parent’s phones. But we will both know in our hearts and in that signed contract, that I am your girl and I’m the one who has got you two covered on your big day. I’ll also be the one pouring you a shot when we get to the cocktail hour, and myself one. I’ll make sure grandma gets on the dance floor for “We Are Family.” I won’t let any child run astray. I’ll make sure the groomsman check themselves before they wreck themselves. That the bridesmaids have a glass of champagne in hand at all times and that mom and dad are laughing uncontrollably at my wonderfully awful jokes. Hi, I’m your wedding photographer, but I’m also that guest who just lights up with happiness that the two of you are getting married. Wedding photographer/hype girl/best friend who you feel you have known your whole life. That’s what you’ll get with me. I’m all about having fun and making sure you two are as well, but I’m also here to make sure your day is totally stress-free. We will get those family formal shots, I won’t forget special moments with you and your grandparents, details shots are my jam and there might be more photos of all kids then there will be of the two of you, but don’t worry. I’ll get it all, you two just go get married.

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